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Copyright (c) Shingo Ishida all rights reserved.

Shingo Ishida

Art Painter

1979 Mie birth , Japan 

Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in a rich natural environment surrounded by japanese fieldsand forests.

I liked drawing pictures of dolphins and whales in my childhood.

I liked playing by oneself with an introverted personality.


I was extremely happy that my parents and surrounding adults praised the picture I painted while I was a child. 

And I think that being able to establish my identity that my picture is better than the surrounding children was a factor for becoming an artist.

And the biggest reason why I became an artist is because I could freely draw the picture of the imaginary world.


After that I started pencil drawing at an art school and learned the basics of painting.


And  I've tried various expressions such as illustration, animation, video, painting etc at a university of fine arts.

 I am good at drawing high-density pictures with an aqueous pen.


However, I felt cramped that I could express only within the range of paper and canvas.

I wanted to create bigger, stronger, bold pieces.

And, after thinking, I challenged to create “Relief(Sculpture)" as a means to express the picture in three dimensions.

By starting to make “Relief(Sculpture)" I was able to grow beyond my limits.



I hope to spread the powerful spirit that the Japanese have to the world by creating and disseminating works.

I'd like to create a powerful work incorporating Japanese soul and culture. For example, it is a delicate and unique expression with motif "Temple, Buddha, family crest, tattoo, Japanese pattern".

I am proud to be a Japanese.



When viewing my works, the viewer feels fear.

Because when viewers see my work they sense the feelings of heartache, sorrow, anger.

Surely I am living with suppressed the strong impulse which is usually violent.


Creating a work is an act of trying to know himself deeply.


I conflict with myself contradicting day by day, but I would like to convey the wonderfulness of creating things for viewers through my own work.

I would like to continue making fresh, bold and powerful works incorporating the new method without deciding the production method and type.


I am living as a Japanese artist with a delicate heart, a strong spirit, a soul of passion, a strong will.

And finally,I'm a solitary Art painter who combines passion and cold heart.


Art painter : Shingo Ishida

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